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Solar Hot Water Solutions

Reliable, Pollution-Free Savings with Comfort

Solar hot water is one of the oldest and most cost-effective forms of renewable energy. Solar panels on your roof make solar hot water for your home or business. A solar hot water system can eliminate a major portion of your utility bill and improve the environment!

  • Save 60% - 90% off your water heating costs.
  • Continue saving for 25 or more years.
  • Keep your comfort. Always a back-up heat source.
  • 30% Federal Tax Credit!

Solar water heating is a great first step in controlling rising energy costs. Make an in investment in your home, business and the environment with Missouri Solar Applications when you replace your old, inefficient hot water tank with a new solar water heating system.

How Solar Hot Water Works
In this active, closed-loop system, incoming potable water is routed to the solar storage tank, but never into the collectors. A water and antifreeze mixture circulates from the collectors through a coil of pipe in the solar tank, and then is pumped back through the collectors. (In most climates, a 50/50 propylene glycol and water mixture will keep collectors from freezing.) The potable water is warmed by heat transfer through contact with the pipe.

Your Investment
Most residential systems include a solar tank and one or two panels.  After the 30% federal tax credit, the net cost is typically between $4,000 and $6,000. You will further improve your return on investment if you already needed to replace your existing tank.


Commercial and Industrial Solar Hot Water Preheating

Fast Payback and Cost Effective

One of the newest and most cost effective ways to receive the benefits of solar energy for commercial and industrial uses is with solar preheating. It assists with hot water production for industrial and commercial buildings. It can be installed more quickly and at a lower cost than other types of solar thermal energy collectors. It is by far the fastest payback of any solar system. Commercial and industrial solar preheating is an outstanding, cost efficient alternative to conventional water heating methods, including gas boilers and electric water heaters. The many benefits of commercial solar preheating systems include:

  • Energy savings of up to 70%
  • Systems can produce all or part of hot water demand for most businesses
  • Functional all year round
  • Substantially reduces CO2 emissions
  • Longer equipment life
  • Improved boiler efficiencies
  • Qualifies for the 30% Federal Tax Credit


Why Choose Solar Hot Water

Using energy from the sun to heat water is one of the oldest uses of solar energy! Today, millions of homes and businesses around the globe use solar water heating systems.
Harnessing energy from the sun makes sense. Consumers currently use more than 50 trillion kilowatt-hours of power every year - and yet the sun provides enough energy to meet the world’s energy needs for a whole year in less than one hour! Put that kind of energy to work in your home with a reliable, energy-efficient water heater. Watch your power bills shrink, knowing that you’re capturing one of nature’s purest sources of energy for your home.
With our Solar Hot Water System, you’re making the best choice for your wallet, your environment, and your future. Our solar water heater:

  • Preserves the environment – No carbon emissions, no pollutants! Solar water heaters use much less energy and, therefore, produce significantly less greenhouse gas emissions than electric conventional water heaters. Choosing a solar water heater provides the same environmental and energy savings benefits as taking an average car off the road – allowing you to make a significant environmental impact without compromising the conveniences you love.
  • Saves money – Use FREE heat from the sun to heat your water. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that the average household will spend over $500 a year to heat water with electricity in an 80-gallon tank.  Water heating systems typically reduce water heating costs by 75-90% over electric water heaters.
  • Qualifies for tax credits – Let Uncle Sam help pay for your system with federal tax credits which can be deducted directly from the taxes you owe, dollar for dollar - simply claim the credit when you file your return for the year of installation.
  • Is a great investment – Most homeowners find that their initial investment in a solar hot water heating system pays off within five years. Since solar water heaters typically last 20 years, you’ll enjoy up to another 15 years of FREE hot water from the sun!

Your solar hot water system provides immediate savings, reduced energy consumption, reduced pollution, and tremendous added value to your home. Choose to start saving today!


Solar Hot Water F.A.Q.s

How hot does water heated from a solar water heating system get?
Water heated by the sun in a solar water heating system can reach temperatures exceeding 212°F, although the normal temperature for household use is approximately 120 - 130°F

Are there more than one type of solar water heaters?
Yes. There are active and passive types of solar water heating systems. Active systems have mechanical or moving parts that are used to move the heat, whereas passive systems do not require electricity to operate.

How will well water and possible sediment affect the system?
Sediment or hard water can cause mineral build-up on the heat exchanger. Many off-the-shelf descaling products can be used to dissolve this build-up if it becomes necessary.

My roof will soon need to be redone. Should I wait to install a solar heating system?
Our  systems are installed in such a way that we can easily remove them and later reinstall them at a fraction of the original cost of the system.

What if I already have a gas or electric water heater?
Missouri Solar Application's water heating system works in conjunction with your existing gas or electric water heater. In some instances an additional storage tank is added but varies based on each individual situation. Since your original water heater will operate far less frequently, solar will extend its life significantly.

How long will a solar hot water system last?
Our water heating equipment has a 10 year warranty from the manufacturer. When installed, properly most systems, including all parts, can last up to 30 years.

How do solar water heating systems compare in cost to other heating systems?
Missouri Solar Applications' systems are the highest rated solar water heating systems in the market. In spite of this, they are priced very competitively with less effective solar systems. Once installed, our solar hot water systems can save you over 75% on your hot water heating costs.

Does the collector panel need to be mounted on my roof?
Yes. Because of the proximity between the hot water tank and the solar collector, solar panels are mounted on the roof. We can assist you in selecting the appropriate location during our initial consultation visit.

What happens if the solar panels are shaded?
Missouri Solar Applications' water heating panels should be installed in areas where they get significant shade-free sun every day. Even small amounts of shade can significantly reduce the output. Our designs and installations seek to minimize the impact of any shade issues through selection of the proper equipment and good engineering. We can assist you in selecting the appropriate location during our initial consultation visit.

Do I need to clean the solar panels periodically?
Most of our customers do not clean their solar panels. In Missouri, there is sufficient rain to clean the panels. However, if you are in a dusty area (very near a busy dirt road, very urban area, etc.) you may see a performance gain from cleaning the panels monthly. If necessary, a hose stream is usually sufficient for cleaning. Do not walk on or over the panels to clean them. Do not use metal, hard, or abrasive methods for cleaning. Do not spray water on the panels when they are very hot.

Does solar water heating work in a commercial environment?
Yes, absolutely. We have installed solar water heating systems in various retail buildings, hotels, schools, and other community or commercial facilities. Anywhere there is a water heater, solar water heating can be installed and used.

If I sell my property, what effect will solar water heating have on the sale price?
Energy conservation and renewable generation adds value to a home. Surveys have shown that for every $1,000.00 saved per year, $20,000.00 is added to a home's value. Solar energy can be one of the best home improvement investments you make.

How long does it take to install a solar water heating system?
Typical residential systems take 1 day to install. Additional time may be required depending on your current water heating configuration.

I already have a system installed and need repairs, can you help?
Yes. Missouri Solar Application's professional staff can repair and fix solar systems of all types.



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