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Residential Solar Electricity Solutions

Solar Panels | Solar Shingles & Roofing | Solar Lighting for the Home

If you are interested in dramatically reducing your electric bill at the same time that you improve the quality of the environment, a residential solar power system is the right solution for you. A solar electrical system will seamlessly feed your home with clean, low cost solar electricity and then send excess solar energy to the utility grid, spinning your meter backwards during the day and making you money!

Why Solar? Why Missouri Solar Applications? Why Now?

Solar electric PV systems reduce or completely eliminate the amount of electricity you have to purchase from your utility or electric service provider to power your home or business. Solar power systems can provide owners with fixed energy costs.

The solar electricity generated by your PV system is clean, renewable and reliable. It will help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases and reliance on fossil fuels, a major contributor to global climate changes.

With over 5 years in the solar business, Missouri Solar Applications has the experience, dedication, and knowledge to setup your solar electric PV system to run for years to come.

Solar electric PV systems have little to no maintenance once installed. Warranties can range from 10-25 years and overall installation costs have dropped with the help of federal tax credits and state incentives.

Your solar electric PV system can help your community by reducing electricity demand and providing additional electricity for the grid when you generate more than you use during the day, when the demand is highest.

Solar Electric PV - How It Works

You don't need to be an expert or understand the physics of how a solar electric system works to understand its appeal: investing in a solar electric system allows you to produce your own electricity with no noise, no air pollution, and no moving parts while using a clean, renewable resource. A solar electric system will never run out of fuel, and it will help reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted by coal and natural gas fired power plants.

Electricity generated by solar panels is referred to as Photovoltaic energy which is often shortened to 'PV' in which we refer to a solar system that generates electricity as a PV system.

PV systems produces electricity directly from electrons freed by the interaction of sunlight with a solar panel made of a semiconductor material. The basic building block is known as a cell, many cells put together are known as a module, and many modules assembled together form an array. A PV system will consist of an array of modules generating DC electricity, an inverter that converts the DC current to a usable AC electricity, and optionally a battery to store unused energy.



Commercial Solar Electricity Solutions

Installing a Photovoltaic (PV) or a solar hot water heating system for your office building warehouse, hotel, theme park attraction or hospital affects your business in several ways:

  • Saves money on the cost of electricity converting it from a variable expense to a fixed expense.
  • Has a substantial return on investment - It is typically between 12-35%
  • Protects your business from escalating energy costs
  • Reduces a business's carbon footprint
  • It may qualify you for Tax Credits, Accelerated Depreciation and other savings.
  • It will aid the business Brand by showing your environmental stewardship
  • It will perform for 30 years or more
  • Your customers will appreciate doing business with a progressive company!

New or Existing Buildings - Solar Will Save Energy
Whether your business is considering a solar retrofit or adding a solar system to new construction, going solar is smart business. If you have a large budget, small budget or something in between, Missouri Solar Applications can fit you with a system that makes sense for you.

Having a commercial solar power system has never been a smarter choice for a business owner. Current incentives on solar electric systems can save your business up to 80% off the initial system cost. Then sit back and watch the savings mount as you enjoy free electricity over the next 30+ years while everyone else's rates continue to climb. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary presentation on solar energy for your company.

Solar Electricity will help you Break Free of Increasing Energy Bills

For optimum energy production Photovltaic (PV) Systems are the solution.
Generating electricity using a photovoltaic solar system is a smart investment for commercial and industrial buildings:

  • Substantially reduces buildings energy costs
    Solar electricity systems (PV) can actually make an electricity meter spin backward.
  • Energy price protection
    Few things are as consistent as energy costs constantly increase. During the period 2000-2007 commercial electricity costs rose by 30% or 4.3% annually (source: US Energy Information Administration). That makes it the second fastest growing corporate expense to employee heath insurance.
  • It is a smart investment
    Solar electric will pay out a return over the life of the system: depending on several variables a PV system can bring a return on investment of 12-35%.
  • Adds value to your commercial property
  • Qualifies for a 30% tax credit
    Photovoltaic (PV) solar qualifies for the 30% Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC). There is no maximum cap for this credit.
  • Tax deductable
    It is a capital improvement, therefore eligible for a deduction.
  • Good for the environment
    It does not pollute and has the lightest carbon footprint of all energy systems.
  • It is reliable and efficient-
    Technology and experience have made these systems an extremely dependable source of electricity. They stand up to Florida weather and will last 30 years or more with minimum maintenance.
  • Branding statement
    By adding a PV system to a building you are making a statement that your business is a conscientious member of the community which will differentiate you from your competition
  • It requires a minimum investment
    We offer a leasing plan that makes it easier than ever to get solar power.

See commercial solar electric array daily yield below. This is from the solar panels on top of the shop building next to the MSA Office in Jefferson City, MO.

MSA/Prost Solar Electric System Daily Yield

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This graph shows that Missouri Solar Applications actually “practices what we preach�using solar energy. For many years, we have been committed to using the solar technology that we design and install for our customers. In fact, Missouri Solar Applications has achieved the status of NET-ZERO using solar electricity at our offices. That means we produce enough of our own electricity with solar to power our entire building, thus enabling our electric bills to be ZERO. What other solar company in Missouri can say the same? Other solar companies lease their office space and don’t even use solar technology for the buildings where they work.

Plus, Missouri Solar Applications goes one step further. We also use solar thermal systems to heat all of the hot water that we use in our building.

So, Missouri Solar Applications does actually APPLY solar electricity systems and solar thermal systems in our own offices �everyday! If you are considering solar electricity or solar hot water for your office or home, make sure to ask your potential vendor the following question: how long have you been Net Zero using solar at your own location?


Frequently Asked Questions

What does PV stand for?
PV stands for Photovoltaic which, in short, is the technical term of converting the sun's natural energy into electricity using solar panels which are made up of solar or photovoltaic cells. A solar electric system is also called a PV system.

Do the solar panels need to be mounted on my roof?
Panels are often mounted on the roof, but can also be mounted on the ground. Ground mounts are great if the house is shaded, or if dormers or other obstructions limit available space on the roof.

Do the solar panels need to face south?
South is best, but panels installed facing east or west still generate a very high percentage of possible power. It is usually more effective (and more attractive) to install the panels in the same plane as the roof direction, rather than build an awkward mount to angle them.

My roof will soon need to be redone. Should I wait to install a solar heating system?
Our Systems are installed in such a way that we can easily remove them and later reinstall them at a fraction of the original cost of the system.

Are solar panels fragile?
No. While the panels are made of tempered glass, they are quite strong. Installed PV panels are designed to withstand hurricane force winds and pass severe weather tests such as hail. Solar equipment is installed regularly in areas with these types of conditions.

How much solar electric power do I need to power my home?
Each home is different and the amount of electricity you use is very dependent upon your lifestyle, how your home was built and your appliances. As part of our services we work with you to reduce your electrical consumption in easy ways.

How much power does a solar electric system produce?
Systems come in all sizes and produce as much or as little power as required. Many systems produce a portion of the home's required power, leaving room for additional conservation or generation in the future.

How long will a PV system last?
The solar panels have a 25 year power warranty from the manufacturer. This is longer than almost anything else you can buy. Inverters can have warranties up to 20 years.

What happens when the utility company has a power outage?
Most systems we sell are “clean power” systems, without batteries. These systems do not generate power when the utility is out, even if it is sunny. If backup power is desired, a battery system can be added. This increases the complexity and cost. Most people find that what they want is Clean Power, and find that the very occasional outage does not bother them, so they do not purchase the battery option.

Does a PV system need batteries?
Batteries are only required if you want backup power when the utility is out of service. Without batteries, the system has no way to store power and, for safety reasons, cannot produce power without the utility in operation.

What is Net Metering?
Net Metering is the regulatory ability to get credit for electricity you generate with solar energy and send backwards through your utility meter. Exact provisions vary with each state, but the effect is to allow you to generate excess power during the day and use it at night, without needing batteries.

How does the power from a PV system get stored?
In a Clean Power, non-battery system, power is not stored. It is either used immediately in the house or sent backwards through the meter, creating a credit. If storage is needed, large batteries and other equipment are added to the system.

Do I need to install a new roof before the solar panels are installed?
Solar panels will last many years (over 25). Because of this, we want the roof to be in decent condition, as it does not make sense to remove and reinstall the panels after only a few years. However, after the panels are in place they will greatly reduce the wear on the roof by blocking ultraviolet rays, keeping most snow and ice off the roof, and keeping anything from hitting the roof. Most installations do not require a new roof prior to PV installation.

What happens if the solar panels are shaded?
PV panels should be installed in areas where they get significant shade-free sun every day. Even small amounts of shade can significantly reduce the output. Our designs and installations seek to minimize the impact of any shade issues through selection of the proper equipment and good engineering.

Do I need to clean the solar panels periodically?
Most of our customers do not clean their panels. In Missouri there is sufficient rain to clean the panels. However, if you are in a dusty area (very near a busy dirt road, very urban area, etc.) you may see a performance gain from cleaning the panels monthly. If necessary, a hose stream is usually sufficient for cleaning. Do not walk on or over the panels to clean them. Do not use metal, hard, or abrasive methods for cleaning. Do not spray water on the panels when they are very hot.

If I sell my property, will a PV system increase the sale price?
Energy conservation and renewable generation adds value to a home. Surveys have shown that for every $1,000.00 saved per year, $20,000.00 is added to a home's value. Solar energy can be one of the best home improvement investments you make.

How long does it take to install a PV system?
Typical residential systems take from 2 to 5 days to install. Systems mounted on the ground and systems with batteries are more complex, and may take longer. Most of this time is spent outside your house, so there is little disturbance to you. Commercial systems take several weeks to over a month to install, depending upon size and type of installation.

Do solar PV systems work for commercial buildings?
We have installed solar PV systems on office buildings, retail buildings, hotels, and government facilities. Anywhere electricity is used can use solar electricity.

Who do I contact if I want more information or still have questions?
Fill out your information on our contact page and a Missouri Solar Applications representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Solar System Repairs

Missouri Solar Applications services and repairs commercial and residential solar systems, all makes and models. Our trained professionals can quickly repair your system so you can continue to enjoy the many benefits that solar electrical, solar pool heating, and solar hot water systems provide. Don't waste any time, contact us now and get your investment back up and running.


Re-Roof / Re-Installation

Are you putting on a new roof and need a professional to assist with your solar equipment? Missouri Solar Applications' professional service can remove and re-install your photovoltaic solar system and panels, solar pool, and solar hot water system to manufacturer's specifications once your new roof is completed. We will coordinate scheduling with your roofing contractor to ensure complete installation and a renewed piece of mind.


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